Skype Therapy

I was suffering with quite severe daily anxiety (panic attacks, a high level of ‘background’ stress) which seemed to be getting worse and was beginning to seriously affect my day to day life. My wife put me in touch with Mojca in the hope that she would be able to help. Understanding the mechanisms of elevated and irrational stress is the most important step towards overcoming it, and this requires that the therapist be extremely attentive and focused on the specific details of the individual (there is no blanket treatment that works for everyone). Right from the first session, Mojca began to identify and explain to me the various habits and processes that were responsible for creating the problems, and the severity of my symptoms quickly diminished. Also, she gave me very reasonable expectations about the rate and the extent to which my condition would improve. After roughly six months of therapy, I no longer suffer with any of the severe symptoms of anxiety and am able to manage day-to-day stress pretty effectively and consistently. Mojca is perfectly fluent in English, and so there was never any issue with having therapy with a non- native English speaker. I would definitely recommend Mojca as a therapist if you are having problems with stress and anxiety.

Nick, musician, Australian, living in Berlin

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